Field Trip to the Harlem Renaissance Exhibit

Stevenson’s Art, English, and History teachers collaborated on a field trip to the Met to see the current Harlem Renaissance exhibit. Students were very engaged during the trip and collaborated in groups to seek out particular artists and works, analyzing them for their expressions of struggle, empowerment, and the nuances of everyday life in Harlem. Students particularly responded to the work of Aaron Douglas, Laura Wheeler Waring, Winold Reiss, and Archibald Motley. At the end of the exhibit, students discussed their overall takeaways about the Harlem Renaissance and how the curatorial choices of the exhibit expressed these ideas, as well as the connection to the art movement of Modernism around the world and connections to our classes. Students also got the opportunity to see the Islamic Art exhibit and the exhibit Before Yesterday We Could Fly: An Afrofuturist Period Room.

Caitlin Terry