Stevenson's Transition Coaching Program

After 14 years working at Stevenson as a teacher, advisor, and administrator, KaDee Jay left in 2017 to move out of New York City with her family. Fortunately for our community, she didn't stay away for long. Today, KaDee works with Stevenson students both during and after graduation to provide an ongoing support network, where Stevenson is always with you. Her work takes place alongside the continuous support provided by Stevenson's College Counselor, Amy Shalita, who works with students and their families beginning in their junior year. 

KaDee has an in-depth understanding of Stevenson students, the challenges they face, and the relationships and trust they need to develop in order to be served well. After working with high school students, her current role as a learning specialist and advisor at Mansfield University has shown her the other side– the college experience– for students with emotional struggles. 

Her work with Stevenson students begins with introductions at the end of their Junior year, and it then involves multiple touchpoints.  In the fall of their senior year, she meets with students individually to discuss their next steps, including college, a gap year, or other paths. By winter, when college applications have been submitted, they meet again to touch base and further discuss options. In the spring when students have chosen a path for the following year, they begin discussing a plan for how she can best support them after graduation. 

For Stevenson graduates who attend college, KaDee works with them to make sure that they understand the services that are available to them, ranging from tutoring, to the counseling center, to course accommodations and more. It's typical for college freshmen to become overwhelmed with time management, so she helps them budget their time and plan their workload. For students who live at home and commute, she guides them through ways to connect with peers on campus, such as student clubs. For all graduates, she supports them in continuing with therapy, medication, and anything else they need to succeed. Due to the time KaDee takes to understand and get to know each student, every single Stevenson senior has asked for her support to continue beyond graduation.